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There is nothing fun about childhood hunger, but changing the world can be! Answer our questionnaire and find out how you can make an impact with Kids’ Food Basket today!


Why Kids’ Food Basket?

Through your support, a child will have daily access to nutritious Sack Suppers containing:


Brain Food

It’s hard to think when you’re hungry. Research shows that nutrition is vital to brain development. The Sack Suppers you’re supporting contain items from all five food groups and help kids concentrate and stay on track in school! Sack Suppers feed the mind.


Healthy Habits

After school, it’s not always easy to find healthy foods. Our Sack Suppers provide balanced meals as examples of good nutrition. By forming these habits early, kids will learn to make lifelong healthy eating decisions. Sack Suppers feed the body.


A Touch of Love

Love is the secret ingredient in the Sack Supper. Each meal is funded and packed by people like you. It’s that support and dedication that support these children and keep them healthy and smart. Sack Suppers feed the soul.

How You Help

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