Our Team

Kids’ Food Basket is always looking for qualified and passionate individuals to attack childhood hunger: We seek out and embrace individuals from many backgrounds including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, physical ability, religion and socioeconomic status.

 Executive Team

  • Bridget Clark Whitney
    Bridget Clark Whitney Executive Director

    All Locations
    Bridget combines a lifelong passion for our mission with fierce leadership in guiding all that Kids’ Food Basket does.

  • Afton DeVos
    Afton DeVos Associate Director

    All Locations
    Afton’s leadership and development expertise help us continue to grow, internally and externally.

 Development Team

  • Ashley Diersch
    Ashley Diersch Senior Development Manager

    All Locations
    Ashley brings a ton of development experience to the team, focusing on corporations and foundations.

  • Stephanie Kerr Cathey
    Stephanie Kerr Cathey Muskegon Program Manager

    We are so grateful for our friends in Muskegon, and Stephanie plays a critical role in building our relationships in the region.

  • Kimberly Magoon
    Kimberly Magoon Holland Development Specialist

    As we continue to grow in Ottawa county, Kim takes charge in fostering community and individual relationships.

  • Elizabeth Washington
    Elizabeth Washington Grants Specialist

    Grand Rapids
    Anybody who has worked with grants knows how much work they take, and Liz makes it all a breeze for our entire development team.

  • Tarah Bourke
    Tarah Bourke Development & Communications Specialist

    All Locations
    Whether for development or communications, Tarah makes our campaigns and marquee events spectacular.

  • Delaney Faught
    Delaney Faught Development Assistant

    Grand Rapids
    Special events and programming from our development team is taken to the next level with Delaney’s talents.

  • Brittany Jacobson
    Brittany Jacobson Special Project Assistant

    All Locations

Volunteer & Operations Team

  • Jane Berkey
    Jane Berkey Logistics Director

    All Locations
    Jane has been with Kids’ Food Basket since the beginning, and she knows how to get it all done!

  • Austin Roelofs
    Austin Roelofs Senior Operations Manager

    Grand Rapids
    Described by many as the “not short one”, Austin has driven incredible growth in our programming through his time here.

  • Carly Karasiewicz
    Carly Karasiewicz Volunteer Program Manager

    Grand Rapids
    250 volunteers a day, 15,000+ annually… One amazing Volunteer Program Manager.

  • Kay Fricano
    Kay Fricano Volunteer Coordinator

    Grand Rapids
    You have a group that wants to volunteer? We have a Kay Fricano to make that happen.

  • Steph Ford
    Steph Ford Volunteer Services Coordinator

    Grand Rapids
    If you are coming on site to volunteer in GR, Steph is going to make sure you have a great experience.

  • Lynn Keech
    Lynn Keech Muskegon Program Coordinator

    Lynn spearheads our Sack Supper and Volunteer efforts in Muskegon.

  • Lexi Hunt
    Lexi Hunt Holland Program Coordinator

    Lexi helps ensure that our volunteer and Sack Supper programs in Holland continue to grow.

  • Jake Durham
    Jake Durham Operations Coordinator

    Grand Rapids
    Getting more than 6,000 Sack Suppers out to Grand Rapids each weekday is no small task, and Jake is critical in making sure it gets done.

  • Alethia Smith
    Alethia Smith Sack Supper Program Assistant

    Grand Rapids
    Alethia probably has ten things done before you get your first cup of coffee, working hard to support our Sack Supper Program.

 Programs Team

  • Julie VanGessel
    Julie VanGessel Senior Outreach Manager

    All Locations
    Julie leads our Kids Helping Kids team and forges valuable relationships across the community.

  • Brandy Arnold
    Brandy Arnold Youth and Inclusion Specialist

    Grand Rapids
    We believe changing the world includes creating an equitable, inclusive community and Brandy leads us in that pursuit.

  • Troy Vos
    Troy Vos Kids Helping Kids Program Coordinator

    All Locations
    Troy leads the education and leadership development we foster in Kids Helping Kids group and the Youth Action Board.

  • John Wheeler
    John Wheeler Urban Farming

    Grand Rapids

Finance Team

  • Christine Lentine
    Christine Lentine Outreach Director

    All Locations
    Operations, finance, and accountability champion- Christine keeps our wheels churning.

  • Bradley Littell
    Bradley Littell Office/HR Specialist

    Grand Rapids
    Brad is not only our human resources champion, you’ll find him doing a little of everything around Kids’ Food Basket.

  • Jennifer Jordan
    Jennifer Jordan Development & Finance Specialist

    All Locations
    Jenny supports our development and finance teams with reporting and database management skills.

  • Karen Thompson
    Karen Thompson Finance Assistant

    All Locations
    When you want financial information or a check signed, you want to call Karen.

  • Kristen Wahmhoff
    Kristen Wahmhoff Data Entry Coordinator

    All Locations
    Kristen is a master of numbers and a master of data- critical things to keep us moving forward.

  • Lisa Tamburello
    Lisa Tamburello Executive Administrative Assistant

    Grand Rapids
    Lisa knows everything about everything Kids’ Food Basket AND keeps all our office plants alive.

 Communications Team

  • Ashley Abbott Bodien
    Ashley Abbott Bodien Communications Manager

    All Locations
    Ashley leaves her mark on every communications piece, internally and externally.

  • Matthew Valleau
    Matthew Valleau Communications & Grants Coordinator

    Grand Rapids
    Matt unifies Kids’ Food Basket content with consistent branding across all platforms, internally and externally.

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